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From the shoreline to the deep ocean, tackling issues from pure ecology
and physiology to aquaculture, marine spatial planning and conservation.

Scientific Divers

The Scientific Diving Team comprises five members of staff as well as suitably qualified students (qualifying courses are offered as an option).

The School has its own diving equipment administered by a dedicated Diving Officer. Diving projects include ecological and conservation studies, mapping of sub-tidal biotopes, analysis and remediation of man-made damage (for instance to biogenic reefs) and development of underwater monitoring techniques, such as video transects. Student projects may also involve diving, for those suitably qualified. Diving work has been funded from various sources, including Research Councils, SNH and various industrial partners. The Diving Team is available for commercial contracts.

Current dive team members include Dr Dan Harries, Dr Jo Porter,Prof. Hamish Mair, Dr Alastair Lyndon, Dr Bill Sanderson and PhD students Jen Loxton, Flora Kent, Rob Cook and Sally Rouse. Further information can be found on their website. 

Scientific Dive team