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Mauvis Gore

Mauvis Gore is a zoologist with research interests in marine biology, behavioural ecology, nutrition and conservation biology. Dr. Gore leads projects in the west coast of Scotland, the Cayman Islands and Pakistan. She has considerable experience in the protection and management of tropical habitats and enjoys fieldwork. She focuses on large marine vertebrates as key members of the marine habitat, specifically on sharks, stingrays and cetaceans for a) their population abundance and dynamics and b) their movement and migration patterns using photo-identification, acoustic and satellite tagging, in relation to conservation management.

Dr Gore is a director of Marine Conservation International, a partnership formed by marine scientists to enable them to pursue projects with conservation objectives in the most effective way.


In press

Gore M, Ahmad E, Hussain B, Kiani S, Ormond R, Siddiqui J, Waqas U. Occurrence and Conservation of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises in the coastal waters of Pakistan with reference to their relationship with fishing communities. J Cetacean Res Managem

Peer-reviewed publications

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  Mauvis Gore