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From the shoreline to the deep ocean, tackling issues from pure ecology
and physiology to aquaculture, marine spatial planning and conservation.


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 naif small

 Naif Ashri

The Ecotoxicology of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) in Marine Sediments

Mark Hartl


Laura Duran

Evaluating the resilience of sea surface and deepwater systems to recover from oil spills in the Faroe-Shetland Channel


 Tony Gutierrez


Kerstin Forsberg

Biological, fisheries and socio-economic assessment of three species of sharks and mobula rays in Peru

Hamish Mair

Zuzanna profile 

Zuzanna Gajda-Meissner

Toxicity of engineered nanomaterials to selected aquatic species

Teresa Fernandes

Rebecca Grieve HWU Pic CMBB

Rebecca Grieve

Impact of hydrodynamic change associated with marine renewable installation on species of conservation importance

Bill Sanderson


Hannah Lee

Quantifying the potential contributing of shellfish beds to blue carbon sinks

Bill Sanderson


Glenn Jessen

Climate change and ecotoxicology: re-assessing biomarker baselines in light of a changing environment

Mark Hartl


Corin Liddle

 Nanomaterial fate, transport, behaviour and bioavailability/toxicity in the Environment

Teresa Fernandes


Afiq Mohd Fahmi

Marine microbial response to oil pollution in future ocean conditions.

Tony Gutierrez

David Robinson

David Robinson

Biology of top marine predators in the Indian Ocean

Hamish Mair 

Rupert Ormond

Profile photo-s

Ana Rodriguez Perez

European oyster (Ostrea edulis) restoration: marine protected areas and built structures

 Bill Sanderson

Kevin Profile

Kevin Scott

Understanding the biology of Cancer pagurus in relation to fisheries and human impact

Alastair Lyndon