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Alastair Lyndon

Alastair Lyndon is a marine biologist who studies the biology and ecology of fish in estuarine, coastal and aquaculture environments. Specific research areas include: intestinal physiology in relation to digestion (enzymes) and dietary supplements (e.g. probiotics); disease prevention and control in aquaculture (salmon lice; other metazoan parasites e.g. acanthocepahalans and nematodes; bacterial pathogens; probiotics; fish vaccines); and fish habitat associations, specifically biogenic reefs (serpulid worms, flame shells, horse mussels), artificial structures (e.g. offshore platforms) and sea grass (Zostera species). As a result of the latter interests, Dr Lyndon has become involved in mapping and survey of inter-tidal sea grass beds in support of implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive.

Overall, his research goals can be summed up in terms of 'understanding fish-environment interactions: a basis for food production and effective conservation'.

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