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Teresa Fernandes

Teresa Fernandes, Professor of Environmental Science, studies the fate of contaminants in natural systems and their effects on species and communities. She is particularly interested in ecosystem health, links with human health, and management of risk. Specific subjects of her research have included oil, aquaculture, organic enrichment, endocrine disruptors and nanomaterials. Another important aspect of Teresa's research is the management of aquatic and coastal systems, and the integration of science and policy for the sustainable management of natural systems.

Teresa has attracted funding from a range of national and international agencies and institutes such as UK Government, UK research councils, British Council, European Commission, Danish Government, Portuguese Government, UK Trusts and Charities, Royal Society, Industry.

Currently, Teresa co-supervises a team of research fellows and doctoral students, sponsored by the UK Government, Research Councils, Industry and the European Commission. From 2006 to 2009, she was an external scientific expert of the European Commission Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Indentified Health Risks (SCENIHR). Teresa also acts as an external scientific expert on Risk Assessment of the Scientific Committees of the European Commission.

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